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Parotti & Oakes Exhibition

Current Exhibitions at Jacaranda House this Week (12th-16th December 2011)

'Untitled', from the collection Slick, Cat Island - Lynn Parotti

IMPACT Exhibition by Lynn and Holly Parotti

Lynn Parotti / Painter / www.parotti.com / lynn@parotti.com

Holly Parotti  / Artist / www.hollyparotti.com / holly@hollyparotti.com


Eight stunning color screen prints on paper, 50″ by 19″ taken from Julie Oakes collection of works Buddha Composed. The exhibition includes the emotional and moving piece The Weeping Monkey.

The the complete collection of works were exhibited recently this year at the Varley Art Gallery.

‘The exhibition addresses a fresh interpretation of the centuries-old Buddhist culture and tradition. A personal journey through well known and familiar imagery taken from classical Buddhist iconography is contrasted with contemporary images intended to create external disturbances to Buddha’s concentration. The context in which the new and the classical juxtaposed, concerns various social, political, gender related, environmental and philosophical ideas.’ – Katerina Atanassova, Collection Curator and Program Coordinator at Varley Art Gallery.


The Gallery at Jacaranda House will be open 12th – 16th December 2011 from 1-6pm

Closed 17th December 2011 – 3rd January 2012

For more information please contact Jacaranda House

Tel: 322-2275 Email: Jacarandanassau@gmail.com

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