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Conch Salad

Perfect Recipe for Conch Salad


1 lb Conch Meat Chop

1 Large Onion Chop

1 Large Green Pepper

2 8 inch Celery stalks

Half Cucumber

2 Large Tomatoes

2 Ounces Lime Juice

2 Ounces Wine Vinegar

1 Ounce Olive Oil (optional)

One Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce

Half Teaspoon salt

Quarter Teaspoon pepper

Spice up with of Hot Pepper Sauce to your liking.


Chop the peppers, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, onions into 1/2 – 3/4 inch pieces.  Combine in a large bowl with the diced Conch. Mix together and add all the remaining condiments listed. Stir well.

If you have time let sit for 3-4 hours before adding the remaining. Keep refrigerated.

Conch Salad always tastes better the second day and keeps for 4 to 5.


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Nostrum Fabula Event

The Nostrum Fabula event is happening at Jacaranda House tonight. It is going to be a very exciting evening of art, music and literary expressions, celebrating the heritage and stories of the separate yet united Bahamian and Haitian cultures.

The event starts promptly beginning at 7pm.

For more information Click Here.

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Bahamian Cocktail

Goombay Smash


* 1 1/4 oz. Gold Rum
* 1/2 oz. Coconut Liqueur
* 3 ozs. Pineapple Juice
* 2 Dashes of Lemon Juice
* 1 Dash of Simple Syrup
* 1 Cherry and/or Slice of Orange


1. Stir all ingredients with ice.
2. Strain into a chilled tumbler filled with ice.
3. Garnish with a strawberry or cherry.

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Haitian Cocktail

Haitian Cocktail – Kremas


* 2 (12 oz) cans of evaporated milk
* 4 (12 oz) cans of sweetened condensed milk
* 1 (15 oz) can cream of coconut
* 1 tsp vanilla extract
* 1 tsp almond extract
* 1 anise star
* 1 tsp cinnamon
* 1 tsp grated nutmeg
* 1 lime, zest and juice
* 1/5 80 proof rum


1. Mix all ingredients in a large pot and pour into cocktail glass.

It couldn’t be easier.


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Nostrum Fabula

“Through art and imagination artists bring the Bahamian and Haitian Experience to one location in Historic Downtown Nassau.”

We are pleased to announce the upcoming event called Nostrum Fabula – “Our Story” to be held under the patronage of His Excellency Sir Arthur Foulkes and Haitian Ambassador to The Bahamas His Excellency Antonio Rodrigue.  Also, in attendance will be special invited guest The Minister of Culture, The Hon. Charles Maynard.

Nostrum Fabula, Latin translation for “Our Story,” will present a night of art, music and literary expressions, celebrating the heritage and stories of the separate yet united Bahamian and Haitian cultures.

This event is slated to be held at the historic Jacaranda House on Parliament and East Hill Street on Friday May 20th, 2011. Promptly beginning at 7pm, guests will come into a full artistic experience.

Nostrum Fabula is the realized idea of young Bahamian artist of Haitian parentage, Bernard Petit and the local art community’s newest addition Frederick Johnson III.

Featured artists include Bernard Petit, Jackson Petit, and Matthew Wildgoose who will provide fine art and other visuals.  Frederick Johnson III will provide literary expressions to the experience.  There will be a special performance by the Region Bells and another by the Rupp a pum pum drummer.  Furthermore, on the ticket will be a special tribute to Bahamian Music Legend the Late Ernest Lasido Stubbs.  Music Entertainment will be provided by World renowned Haitian saxophonist Mr. “Bensax” Richardson Estimable and local DJ Michael Dupin will provide a fusion of Kompa and Goombay music to carry the night away.

As a part of an artistic cultural experience food should always be included and guests will experience the taste of both Bahamian and Haitian special cuisine.

This event is being made possible with the support and partnership of The Jacaranda House; Burns House; Executive Printers of The Bahamas; Carter Marketing; The Wine Lounge; INSITUarch Magazine; The Bahamas B2B; The Bahamas Weekly; Vue-A-V Audio Visual Effects; Small Art Pictures; and Bahama Joes, to whom we are all tremendously grateful.

Tickets are only $35 Dollars and are available at Carter Marketing, Dowdeswell Street; and Executive Printers, Jerome Avenue.  For reservations call 242-525-8590 or email nostrumfabulaevent@gmail.comAlso follow us on Facebook at Nostrum Fabula Event for further information.

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Art & Opera Dedicated to Jackson Burnside

AT the Art and Opera Evening on Sunday, 15th May, a number of the songs will be dedicated to cultural icon Jackson Burnside who sadly died this week.

He was an avid supporter of the restoration and preservation of old colonial houses and buildings in Th Bahamas and was pleased to hear that Jacaranda House, a property he used as a reference for beautiful colonial architecture when lecturing, was being renovated. Burnside would often bring his students to the property to study the architecture and positioning of the building.

For more information on the Art & Opera Evening Sunday 15th May 2011 CLICK HERE

READ Jackson Burnside III – article about his life and work

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Jackson Burnside III

The death of Jackson Burnside, renowned architect and artist, brought a dark cloud over The Bahamas this week.

He was a cultural icon who continued, up until his sudden illness a few weeks ago, to encourage, motivate and influence the country to develop culturally. His aim was to transform The Bahamas into a desirable destination, not only for its stunning beaches and sun, but for art, culture and heritage.

“His enthusiasm for life itself and for the cultural diversity and richness of The Bahamas was infectious,” Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said. “His spirit and great enthusiasm will live on in our hearts. Moreover, his legacy in many fields of endeavour from his professional success in architecture to his artistic craft to Junkanoo will endure.”

Mr Ingraham added: “Over the many days, and weeks and months and years ahead, a grateful nation will mourn the passage of a native son who made us proud of him, and also made us proud to be Bahamians.”

Burnside’s greatest passion was architecture and in the later years of his life he focused on the restoration and preservation of old Bahamian houses and buildings. He was an avid supporter of the Jacaranda House and would bring many of his students here to study the beautiful colonial architecture.

For many years Burnside studied and practiced architecture abroad. He was a sought after lecturer and encouraged his students to always study the architectural heritage of a building and the importance of understanding climatic conditions, natural light and structure in developing design that neither overwhelmed its surroundings.

Burnside achieved a great deal in his life. He was the first Bahamian Senior Architect for the Bahamas Ministry of Works and for his artistic talents and as a cultural advocate received numerous awards and honours for his outstanding work. He was awarded The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Citizens Award for the Creative and Performing Arts, and The 2008 Bahamas Home and Builders Lifetime Achievement Award.

We all hope that his work and achievements will always be remembered and that it will be a reminder to us all of how important it is to preserve our traditions and develop our culture and inspire the arts of The Bahamas.

Because of Burnside’s great love for Jacaranda House and his endless support there will be a number of songs dedicated to him at The Art & Opera Event Sunday 15th of May at Jacaranda House, Nassau.

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Foley and Hepburn

Sunday, 15th May, Jack Foley and Franz Hepburn will be performing for the first time together in Nassau, The Bahamas at the Art & Opera Evening. They have been personally invited by Patricia Oakes Leigh-Wood, the granddaughter of Sir Harry Oakes, to sing at this special evening. It is the first opera evening of its kind to take place at Jacaranda House and with talent like Foley and Hepburn it is an evening not to be missed.

Jack Foley & Franz Hepburn

Jack Foley is a tenor from Durham and Franz Hepburn a bass-baritone from The Bahamas. The vocal duo met while studying on the Opera Course at Morley College in London ten years ago. Morley’s Music Department is highly regarded around the world for delivering quality music training. Many notable composers have worked there including Gustav Holst, Sir Michael Tippett, Ralph Vaughn Williams and John Gardner.
In 2002, they both auditioned for Operatunity which was a unqiue collaboration between English National Opera and Channel 4 to conduct a nation-wide search to find someone to sing in Rigoletto (an opera by Verdi) on the stage at the London Coliseum. Jack was a semi-finalist and Franz a finalist on this award winning programme which aired in 2003. The four- part series went on to win – the Royal Philharmonic Society RPS Music Award, Bafta Television Craft Award, Prix Italia, Broadcast Award, Royal Television Society Programme Award among others.

Jack and Franz have sung previously in other vocal groups and have performed in concert together in Worthing, Chelmsford, Headingley, Hampton Court and Peterborough. After embarking on different journeys three years ago, the pair met up in July 2009 and started singing two months later when they realised that they had similar interests as it relates to bringing music into the lives of the sick and elderly. After a year now, the journey has been quite extraordinary with an overwhelming support from the public and many rewarding experiences.

Their repertoire can be defined as popular classical music, but Jack and Franz see as their main mission to inspire and encourage people through music. As music plays such a pivotal role in our lives, their aim is to use their voices to help others.

In 2011, Jack and Franz will do a mixture of UK and international concerts, corporate events, product launches and some outdoor performances in towns / city centres to support various UK charities.

Foley & Hepburn

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Art and Opera Evening

Sunday 15th May, 2011

An exciting evening of Art & Music Event at the historical colonial house, Jacaranda in Nassau.

Come along and listen to stunning music and opera by Nassau’s own Bahamian opera singer, Franz Hepburn in concert with Jack Foley. They will be performing works from Carmina Burana, Phantom of the Opera, Showboat, West Side Story and many more. Arrive before the concert starts to have a look a a selection of Lynn Parotti’s art from her current collection.

It will be a wonderful evening of brilliant music & art, good food and great company.

Schedule of events:

6 pm – Paintings on exhibit by Lynn Parotti
7pm Concert starts Singers Nassau’s own Franz Hepburn in concert with Jack Foley.
7:30 Intermission and dinner is served
8:10 concert resumes

$150 each to include dinner and a bottle of wine

For tickets contact 1-242-322-2275 or email

Profits shared generously with the Bahamas Humane Society.

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Welcome to the Jacaranda Blog

The Jacaranda House, Nassau Blog

We are very excited to announce the launch of The Jacaranda House, Nassau Blog. This is where you can stay up-to-date with all the news on events happening at the historical property and the restoration project. It is a very exciting project and we are looking forward to soon inviting you all to the grand opening of The Jacaranda House. Until then, please check out the blog for more information and articles on cultural events happening at the property.

Jacaranda x x

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