JAZZ at JACARANDA Aug.6.2017

Jazz at Jacaranda Sunday August 6th  7-9pm   The best jazz on the island in the most beautiful setting! Around the pool, with a cool glass of wine, the stars and the moon over head and the music all around!  Join us!

  $15 cover charge 

Cash wine bar and light snacks also available   

for reservations please email: jacarandanassau2gmail.com 

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Jazz at Jacaranda Sunday July 2 2017

Jazz at Jacaranda  Sunday July 2nd   The best jazz on the island!

                   7-9pm   $15 cover charge   Cash wine bar light snack

                                 for reservations email Jacarandanassau@gmail.com

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June 4th Jazz at Jacaranda

Jazz at Jacaranda will feature the beautiful and talented Anuschka Wright before her return to Montreal! 

June 4th        7pm        $15 Cover charge         Cash wine bar and light snacks

for reservations: email  jacarandanassau@gmail.com  

Memories from May 7th!

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Transcendental Meditation Free Introductory Talk Apr.20.2017

To be held at Jacaranda House at 6:30pm on Thursday, April 20th, 2017.


The introductory presentation is the first step to learn the TM technique. We’ll explain how it works, how it’s different from other types of meditation, and touch on highlights of the scientific research on the TM technique including exciting studies on the benefits for our brains. Plus we’ll have ample time to answer your questions and meet for a personal interview in preparation for the TM course beginning Saturday September 26. The course is 4 consecutive days, about 2 hours each day.
” The TM technique is natural and effortless, and uniquely effective at reducing stress, developing mental potential and improving health and well-being. There are over 350 scientific studies which prove overall benefits of this meditation technique. It is uniquely effective in dealing with hypertension, the effects of biological aging, hypertension, addiction and PTSD. It increases focus and efficiency leading to greater productivity.
For more information visit: http://www.globalgoodnews.com/successstories and http://www.tm.org

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March 5th Last Jazz at Jacaranda before Eleuthera all that Jazz Festival

Come and listen to the best Jazz on the island…siting around the most beautiful pool, sipping a cool glass of wine….manny will be performing at Eleuthera all that Jazz, Mar.29-Apr.2….along side some of Europes most exciting  young jazz musicians.enjoying-jazz-at-jacaranda-img_1289 img_1291 jaz-lover kevin-dean-on-drums-at-jazz-at-jacaranda_n

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JAZZ at JACARANDA December 4th 6:30-8:30pm

                        Start the Christmas Season with

                                         JAZZ at JACARANDA  

                                                   Sunday December 4th

                      6:30-8:30pm      $15 Cover Charge       Cash wine bar and light snacks

                      reservations; email <jacarandanassau@gmail.com>  tel. 322-2275


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Jazz at Jacaranda Nov.6th 6:30-8:30pm





We have survived hurricane Matthew…now lets relax a little, enjoy a glass of wine and some cool jazz, while sitting around the famous pool at Jacaranda.  The first Sunday of the month si this coming weekend…November 6th…so come and join us!

Cover charge $15        Cash wine bar          Light snacks        Gates open 6pm

for reservations email: jacarandanassau@gmail.com

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