Transcendental Meditation Course Sept.24-29.2016

Free Introductory Lecture to be held Sept.24 6:30 pm at Jacaranda. Why is this interesting? Read on….
” The TM technique is natural and effortless, and uniquely effective at reducing stress, developing mental potential and improving health and well-being. There are over 350 scientific studies which prove overall benefits of this meditation technique. It is uniquely effective in dealing with hypertension, the effects of biological aging, hypertension, addiction and PTSD. It increases focus and efficiency leading to greater productivity.
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The introductory presentation is the first step to learn the TM technique. We’ll explain how it works, how it’s different from other types of meditation, and touch on highlights of the scientific research on the TM technique including exciting studies on the benefits for our brains. Plus we’ll have ample time to answer your questions and meet for a personal interview in preparation for the TM course beginning Saturday September 26. The course is 4 consecutive days, about 2 hours each day.”
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